John H Birks, September 2018

So, my wife and I found an older small boat we fell in love with. It was built in 1961 by the Whitehouse Boat company who were in business from 1957 to the end of 1961 and located in Fort Worth Texas. The model is called the Polaris and is a small cuddy type but listed as a Cruiser. Whitehouse made 12 models in that last year of business and they ranged from a small punt called the Twinkle up to their largest called the Sunliner, a 22 foot Cruiser. Retail prices started at $100.00 for a Twinkle up to $3000.00 for the Sunliner. This Polaris model was $1400.00 and 4th most expensive.
ICON Marine was highly recommended for their exceptional work and so I dropped by to see them the day after we bought it because it was to be delivered to the house that night. Chris was a little sceptical when I described the boat but was willing to have a look at it. I called the seller and had it brought to ICON Marine instead of the house.
Chris went over the boat with me and fully explained what needed to be done, showed me some problem areas and how they could be repaired. We talked budget, colour, time to restore and every little detail. Our budget wasn't big by any means. He was going to call with a price. 
The next morning he called. Chris explained that there was a bit more work required but he also said that all the employees liked the boat so much he would get the restoration done on budget.
Outstanding! Every person working there is friendly, professional and they all have a great sense of humour. Even when we just dropped by for a visit to see how it was going. She will be a Boston Whaler Blue for the hull and White for the cabin. Her name will be PEARL. Named after my wife's Grandmother.

Brian Murray, August 2018

An EXCELLENT and STELLAR performance done by real professionals. At present I own a Achilles SU 16' inflatable with an encased transom. Those who know of the Achilles products especially their commercial craft know that they are getting and incredibly well made hypalon rubber unit with extremely thick material that well surpasses the industry standards. My story begins over 1.5 years ago when I purchase this 3 year old boat from a dealer. Having said this it was some time after that the consol running gear and motor was mounted. This is when the trouble began. An inexperienced worker from the company I purchased the boat initially torqued one of the bolts down so tight that he destroyed the inside transoms plate as well as cracking the encasement material of the transom. Unfortunately when I noticed the actual fiber glass and gel coat was splitting it was the following year. At this time I had not even had the boat in the water due to other issues that plagued me making it not possible to use it. As I roamed the internet and local repair shops I was given a business name located in Dartmouth NS. The name ICON MARINE. It was explained that of all the places in and around Nova Scotia these were the pros that would be able to mend my problems and problems I had ranging from over torquing 1/2 '' bolts to now what looked to be a manufacturing defect. When I first arrived with my boat I was formally introduced to the shop and shop staff. I was extremely impressed with their work and professional demeanour. I then knew I was going to be taken care of. All the work done was above all EXCELLENT. They took care of cares and worries about the damage done to my boat. In fact it was done much much better than factory. The only thing is that I could not get any satisfaction from Achilles and they did not believe there was a manufactures defect in the material. The absolute overtorqueing of the bolts exacerbated the under lying condition without a doubt. 

I would like to end by saying thank you and BRAVO ZULU to the technicians and professionals at ICON. A special thank you to Chris Chiasson for his care in my situation. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing work done on their watercraft. A pleased customer, B Murray.

The Impossible Dream, August 2017

When needing carbon fiber and or glass/paint work anywhere near Halifax call Garnet Wentzell at ICON Marine. They had our job done 48 hours after getting the call. I've been in this business a long time and these guys are definitely the best of the best.

Pat Thompson, July 2017

I have used these guy several times with two different boats (one a 46 Nordhavn and a 285 Conquest Whaler). The repairs have been extensive and complex in nature and they have exceeded my expectations in every regard. Maybe the best way to describe my experience is that they treated my boats like their own. Garnet, Danny and Chris, all tops in their fields. Thank you guys!!! Pat Thompson, St. John's, Newfoundland.

Dr. Roderick McKenney, May 2017

I recently had some work done on my 30” Perstancia by Icon Marine Services.  I had some mechanical detailing, fabric repairs and re upholstering, re canvassing and exterior painting. 
I can only say that the work done was of the highest quality and came in on budget at a very reasonable price.  I plan to continue my services with this company and I would highly recommend any type of marine restoration projects by them.

Captain Mark Depaulo, April 2017

I strongly recommend Danny Neil from Icon Marine to anyone who needs upholstery work. I have had the pleasure of hiring Danny to work for us at Atlantic Towing. I am a Tugboat Captain with Atlantic Towing and have used his services on Various Tug Boats that work in Halifax Harbour.
Danny has made several tarps and covers for our winches, hatches, Emergency Boats and control stations. All of his work is done with precision and quality, he pays attention to all of the details that make the covers fit properly. Every tarp or cover that he has replaced has been a better fit and better quality then what was previously used. All new tarps that he has designed have fit very well and makes them exactly how you ask for them to be built.
Danny is super polite and friendly, anytime I have called him for quotes on work needed done he has been prompt and accommodating to our busy schedule. I intend on continuing to use Danny and Icon Marine for work that we may require in the future and have recommended his services to other people requiring upholstery work. 

Gary Gallant, September 2017

Hi Danny,

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my boats upholstery.  It looks great!   You were very easy to deal with, on budget and very quick.  I won’t hesitate referring my friends to you in the future.